Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Photo Contest: And The Winner Is ...

'This is OUR ALBUM,' the singer tweets about Believe after fans choose art that will appear on single's cover.

Justin Bieber invited his fans to get involved in helping him pick the artwork for his first Believe single, "Boyfriend," and the time has come to reveal which photo fans chose. And the pop singer is giving his fans a lot of bang for their buck for taking the time to vote in the cover-art contest.

After fans voted on Twitter for their favorite of two photos, the shot of Bieber tousling his hair (also known as #JBboyfriend1) won as the single's cover. But that doesn't mean that other shots won't also be used in one form or another.

"But it was so close that ..." Bieber tweeted. "We are still going to use #JBboyfriend2 for press and even took one of the FAN MADE submissions and have decided that ... we are going to sell an exclusive #BOYFRIEND fan single package in WALMART and the cover will be the one U the fans made!

"So here it is ... the cover of the Walmart #BOYFRIEND SINGLE COVER ... made by U the fans! thank u! This is OUR ALBUM!" he tweeted before revealing the photo, which blends #JBboyfriend1 and #JBboyfriend2, the latter of which is just a shot of him looking off into the distance.

"Boyfriend" officially drops on March 26. Believe will drop later this year. Produced by Mike Posner, the track features a bit of Bieber rapping lines like "Tell me what you like, dear/ Tell me what you don't/ I could be your Buzz Lightyear/ Fly across the globe/ You don't even need to fight, dear/ You already know/ I can make you shine bright/ Like you're laying in the snow, brrr."