Justin Bieber Protege Carly Rae Jepsen Taking Page From Adele

'I might Adele you and make, like, millions off my sorrow,' singer warns potential boyfriends.

Taylor Swift and Adele have made a business out of their breakups, and it looks like Justin Bieber's protégé Carly Rae Jepsen just might follow suit.

Swift, who has admitted to writing about her ex-boyfriends, finds relationships to be her greatest inspiration. "Forever & Always" was directed at ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, who reportedly broke up with her via text message. "Back to December" was an apology song to Taylor Lautner, and rumors swirled that "Dear John" was aimed at reported ex John Mayer.

Adele, meanwhile, wrote her entire 21 album about one ex-boyfriend, popping out hits like "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You."

Now Jepsen, recently signed to Bieber's Schoolboy Records, has dropped Curiosity, her relationship-centric EP with catchy tunes like "Call Me Maybe." "It's all about love and chaos and those fun messes," Jepsen wrote of her record on her personal website. She tells boys to exercise caution when dating her. "I might seek revenge. I might Adele you and make, like, millions off my sorrow."

And who can blame her? Both Adele and Swift landed in Billboard's Music's Top 40 Money Makers 2012, with Adele at #10, grossing more than $13 million, and Swift trumping at #1, earning more than $35 million.

But not every young teenage girl is seeking revenge against her no-good boyfriend. So what advice does Jepsen, who might do a collaboration with Bieber, have for young girls to avoid such "fun messes"? "Be yourself. 'Cause I feel like when you're trying to be somebody other than that, you attract things that aren't necessarily very good for you," Jepsen told MTV News. Unless, of course, those things help you rake in the millions.

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