Big K.R.I.T. Put His Real Life On 4Eva N A Day

Latest mixtape is 'a day in the life of' Big K.R.I.T., from '8:04 AM' to '5:04 AM.'

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Headliner: Big K.R.I.T.

Representing: Meridian, Mississippi

Mixtape: 4Eva N a Day

Real Spit: Ever wonder what goes on during the course of your favorite rapper's day? On his latest mixtape, 4Eva N a Day, Big K.R.I.T. gives fans an intimate look into his life. From the moment he wakes up on the first track, appropriately titled "8:04 AM," to the tape's second to last track "5:04 AM," K.R.I.T. spreads his soul over the course of 17 selections.

"I just wanted to do a sequel to Return of 4Eva. Instead of it being just a group of songs, I said, 'Man, let me do something conceptual,' " K.R.I.T. told Mixtape Daily of the motivation behind his 2012 tape.

Last March the Meridian, Mississippi, MC/producer dropped his critically acclaimed Return of 4Eva. Though his releases are considered mixtapes, K.R.I.T. presents his works like albums. There are no freestyles, only well-thought-out songs of the rapper's own original production. On his last tape, songs like "Highs & Lows," "Dreamin' " and "The Vent" found K.R.I.T. bypassing the standard rap fare of money, cars and clothes, choosing to give more substance in his music. 4Eva N a Day takes the formula futher.

"4Eva N a Day was pretty much a day in the life of as far as me," he said. "So I tried to put my whole life on wax, from the moment I wake up, real-life conversations with my father, my actual grandmother, there's audio of her talking before a song. There's people in my life that are actually on this tape."

"Boobie Miles" is an inspirational hymn inspired by the Texas high school running back whose real-life story inspired the 1990 critically acclaimed book "Friday Night Lights" and the movie of the same name. On the track, Krizzle urges listeners to put God first, a spiritual theme that carries the tape throughout. The title track finds the self-proclaimed King Remembered in Time celebrating his relative victories in the face of haters.

On "Handwriting," the Def Jam signee vents about label woes, and on "Insomnia," he seeks some sexual healing to help ease the stresses of his day. If you let K.R.I.T. tell it, the life of an up-and-coming rap star isn't all that it's cracked up to be, but you also get the feeling that the rookie wouldn't have it any other way.

Joints to Check for

» "Handwriting"- "People know drinkin' is kinda my thing, I drink. You know how you get when you got a couple of drinks in you it's like, 'All right, this is really how I'm feelin' — this is what I'm get off my chest. I'm at the bar on that song, just talkin' to a random stranger, so it's me kinda battling with being artistic and being creative at the same time having to be a businessman and understanding dates and times and things of that nature."

» "1986"-"The significance of 1986, one me being born and I just wanted to incorporate some things that would make my year special. Of course Martin Luther King Day being made official in 1986, Run-DMC, they being named the first hip-hop group in the Top 10 as far as charts, Jordan the 63 points in the playoffs and then even the Paid in Full, we're talking about Rakim. It's like, man, a lot happened in 1986 for me to be like, 'Arggh, this the best year ever.' Then I came about, so I'ma celebrate it."

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