Mac Miller Speaks His Mind On Macadelic

'I'm not gonna act like I'm a superhero,' Mac tells MTV News of his persona on upcoming mixtape.

Mac Miller sure knows how to have a good time. On his 2010 breakout mixtape K.I.D.S., the then-teenage MC promoted party and B.S., and has continued to do so on hyped-up follow-up singles like "Donald Trump" and "Party on Fifth Ave." With his mixtape Macadelic, due Friday, the Woodie of the Year winner is looking to switch things up.

"It's a lot different from anything I've ever done," he told MTV News of the mixtape backstage at the mtvU Woodies. "In my past projects, I always thought about them a lot, like, 'Where are the party jams? Where are the jams that are fun?' "

This time out, Mac took a different creative approach with Macadelic. "I was trying to make a complete project, but on this project, all I wanted to do is just say what was on my mind," he said. "I just worried about saying what I wanted to say, and I felt like there were a lot of things that I wanted to get off my chest, and this mixtape was the way to do it."

One thing Miller wanted to address were the critics who painted him as a frat-boy rapper only concerned about partying, doing drugs and bedding women. "I didn't have the best reviews on a lot of things, and I speak on that," he said. "I talk about that. I'm not gonna act like I'm a superhero and sh-- doesn't bother me — of course it bothers me, so I spoke on it."

Cam'ron and Sir Michael Rocks appear on the tape, as well as a big-time feature Miller chose to keep secret for now. "I can't say who it is," he teased. "But it's just wild, wild."

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