Lana Del Rey Takes A Deadly Dip In 'Blue Jeans' Video

Sultry singer goes swimming with a man-turned-alligator in the 1950s-themed clip.

If there's one thing Lana Del Rey does well, it's sultry. So, the languid singer gets all moody and retro in the just-released black and white clip for the Born To Die single "Blue Jeans."

It's classic Del Rey: set around a 1950s-looking swimming pool in the Hollywood Hills, full of long, loving shots of a far-away-eyed Lana in a throwback white one-piece swimsuit and almost completely devoid of the quick-cut editing techniques that mark most contemporary music videos.

The singer is once again joined by her video boyfriend, tatted-up model Bradley Soileau, who does exactly what you would want/expect him to: smoke seductively in the shadows as the light catches his neck and forehead tats and pompadour just right.

And that's about it. He takes off his shirt in slow motion, peels off his skinny jeans as Lana ogles him from afar. He caresses her body and, um, shoves his fingers in her mouth, then smokes some more and dives into what looks like black pool water.

Her "Born to Die" co-star keeps it creepy throughout, staring at her with just his eyes and nose above the water as Del Rey does a slow walk into the pool. He creeps along underwater as Del Rey submerges herself in the pool and, wait, is that an alligator? Lana, watch out!

Indeed, at some point Soileau appears to transform into a member of the Crocodylia order as he glides toward Del Rey, who is floating on her back in a classic never-saw-it-coming horror movie pose. Then things get confusing. She's making out with him in the pool, but sometimes she's grinding on a crocodile and eventually she gets pulled under and Soileau appears to be cradling her lifeless body. Until she goes under one more time at the end with her eyes creepily open.

Del Rey will perform via tape this Thursday on the "American Idol" results show.

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