Jay-Z's Blueprint Inspires Jon Connor To Be 'The Best'

Rookie MC tells Mixtape Daily he wrote The Blue Album in four days because 'something just hit me.'

Fire Starter: Jon Connor

When inspiration strikes Flint, Michigan, rap rookie Jon Connor, he just runs with it. His latest mixtape only took him a few days to write, and after he released The Blue Album on Valentine's Day, Jon Connor sat down with Mixtape Daily and vowed to never slow down his output.

"Maybe I'm biased, but I love The Blue Album. I did it in actually four days, wrote the whole Blue Album in four days because something just hit me," he said. "I have such a hunger for respect and I want to be the best in the world, I'm gonna be the best in the world, that's the way I look at it."

The Blue Album is a 14-track dedication to Jay-Z's trilogy of Blueprint albums, with Connor taking instrumentals from each of the three albums and using them to suit his own needs. On "Takeover," the self-proclaimed People's Rapper commandeers Jigga's track of the same name, but instead of throwing shots at specific rival rappers like Hov did, the newcomer keeps his darts ambiguous but still potent. "Best in the World" is a retread of "Hovi Baby," the TLC-sampling track from The Blueprint 2, and the horn-laced "Thank You" pays homage to Jay's 2009 The Blueprint 3.

To craft an entire mixtape using only Jay-Z beats is a tall order for any rapper, much less the still largely unknown Jon Connor, but the nimble lyricist consistently delivers impressive bars throughout.

"I feel that there's people that know about me, but at the same time it's still people that's sleeping," he said. "I had an epiphany, it's like if I have to drop a tape every two months to make people respect me or bring people in to where I'm at, then that's what I'm gonna do. Nothing is gonna stop me, and I think that's what people are gonna get from The Blue Album."

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