Katy Perry Teases Teenage Dream Special Edition With Song Previews

Snippets of 'Dressin' Up' and 'Wide Awake' give fans taste of the March 27 release.

Katy Perry is set to release Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection later this month, and in two new teases, the singer is displaying her signature sense of sass.

Mid-tempo track "Wide Awake" is big and full of emotion. The song seems to pick up where her single "Part of Me" left off.

While "Part" is a kiss-off, "Wide Awake" is all about the empowerment one feels after letting go of someone. "I'm wide awake, not losing any sleep/ I picked up every piece, and landed on my feet/ I'm wide awake, need nothing to complete myself," she sings. "I'm wide awake, I am born again/ Out of the lion's den, I don't have to pretend/ And it's too late, the story's over now/ The end."

The other teased track, "Dressin' Up," is on the other end of the spectrum. All Katy feels on the song is sexy and sexed up. Produced by Tricky Stewart, it's a synthy, crunchy, grinding dance song, on which she sings, "Oh boy tell me your fantasy/ Tonight's the night/ Tonight I'm gonna come alive/ Make you forget about your nine to five/ Are you ready for your blood to rise?/ Tonight's the night I'm dressin' up for you."

"This song is really special," Stewart told MTV News about the track. "It definitely fits. It's right there in what her sensibilities are as a musician and a songwriter. She doesn't change much. She has a very keen musical taste. It'll be really good."

The songs on the album, which drops on March 27, are an extension of 2010's Teenage Dream, but feel fresh enough to stand on their own as well.

"With Teenage Dream, the reasons why I wanted to put out this special edition, Complete Confection, is two major reasons for

me: One, I'm doing it mostly for the hard-core fans because they always love all the extras," Perry told MTV News earlier this month.

"The second reason I wanted to do it is because it's my one last push, to push that person that is on the precipice of becoming a fan," she continued. "They're thinking to themselves, 'I bought four or five singles, maybe I should actually complete my album and now I should really complete my album because I'm gonna get 19 songs for a really great price.' I think it's like a bargain and I'm doing it for my fans."