Rachel Crow On Simon Cowell: 'I Really Love Him'

'X Factor' vet, who recently signed deals with Nickelodeon and Columbia Records, tells MTV News, 'Everything worked out perfectly.'

It was the most shocking elimination of the first season of "The X Factor" when Rachel Crow was sent home in December. The 13-year-old, known for her infectious personality and smile, dropped to her knees in tearful exit, saying to the crowd, "I hope this is not my ending. You know what? I know it's not, and I will go so far. I promise you, and I love you."

It seems Crow was right: Just last month, the young star signed an overall talent deal with Nickelodeon to star in her own comedy series and signed a record deal with Columbia Records. MTV News caught up with Crow recently in Los Angeles, who revealed that she has no regrets about her time on "Factor" or her fifth-place elimination.

"A lot of people ask me if I looked back, what would be one thing that I would change? And, nothing," Crow said. "Everything worked out perfectly."

A big supporter of Crow was her mentor on the show, Simon Cowell, who said after her elimination, "Like I said from the very first time I met you, we're going to be hearing a lot more about Rachel Crow. I give you my word on that."

Crow revealed that she and Cowell have kept in contact and that his support is a big reason for her success. "I text him, funny enough," she shared. "I love him; he's just a really nice guy.

"It's really awesome to have someone like that on your team. I really love him, and I look up to him as well and what he's done for me. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be where I am today, so it's really amazing getting to say that to people. I'm very thankful."

Yet, Cowell isn't the only "X Factor" vet Crow keeps in touch with: She said she remains friends with many of the contestants as well as former judge Paula Abdul.

"I do keep in touch with Paula a lot; we tweet back and forth, which is awesome," Crow said. "I do keep in touch with a lot of the contestants, such as Drew, Marcus, I do keep in touch with Stereo Hogzz, Melanie [Amaro], a lot of people from the show, Chris Rene, just pretty much everyone that was top 10."

So what was Crow's reaction to the firing of both Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger? "Well, I think they're both really great people, and they're gonna do amazing things," she said.

It's now looking likely that Britney Spears will fill one of the vacant judges' seats. The pop star was reportedly offered the position and a $10 million paycheck. "That'd be cool," Crow said of Spears being a judge. "I'm just kinda moved past it right now."