'American Idol' Castoff Jeremy Rosado Wants To Win 17 Grammys

'That would work for me,' Rosado jokes to MTV News about his awards-filled, post-'Idol' plans.

Jeremy Rosado wasn't exactly surprised to hear his name called during last week's "American Idol" elimination show — telling USA Today he had a "gut feeling" that his time was up — but he was rather shocked to hear "Idol" mentor Jimmy Iovine's criticisms of his performance ... mostly because he didn't think they were warranted.

"I didn't think that it was as bad as a couple of them were saying; but, you know, Jimmy's a great guy, and he was hoping for the best ... unfortunately I guess to him it didn't turn out the way he wanted," Rosado told MTV News. "But, I'm grateful, and I'm grateful to ["Idol" judges] Randy [Jackson] and Steven [Tyler] as well. No matter what happened, there were 112,000 people that auditioned for the show, and praise God, they chose me to be in their top 13, you know? I couldn't be more grateful."

Of course, Rosado is most grateful to "Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez, who not only seemed to be his biggest supporter on the show, but coined his now ubiquitous nickname: Jer-Bear. And then, after he had been eliminated, well, she helped change his mood considerably.

"Jer-Bear, yeah, I think I'm going to try and get it copyrighted or something," he laughed. "Jennifer gave me a kiss on my check twice, and I got eliminated that day, but she made me feel a little bit better ... a lot bit better. And to think someone like her or [last week's mentor] Mary J. Blige [could] fall in love with my voice, and with me as a person? That doesn't happen every day, so I'm forever grateful."

And though he'll be the first to admit that his nerves got the better of him last week — "Not being voted into the top 13 definitely played with my head a lot," he said — he's already realizing the benefits that being showcased on "Idol" are pretty great ... and he's looking to take full advantage of them.

"I love acting, and singing is definitely my #1 passion; I'm definitely going to continue to sing," he said. "And hopefully, this is the huge dream, I'm just going to lay it out for you: I'm going to be on a TV show, I'm going to be in a couple movies, I'm going to win an Oscar — this is what I want — I want to win 17 Grammys and, I think that's good. ... That would work for me."

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