Snooki's Engagement Ring: All The Details!

The New Jersey-area jewelry store owner talks to MTV News about the $55,000 ring that Jionni LaValle designed.

When Jionni LaValle wanted to ask his lady love, "Jersey Shore" star Snooki, to marry him, he knew exactly where he wanted to go.

"She was here a couple months ago, about three months ago. She was here for her birthday, actually, and she was looking for bangles and she was giving him some hints like certain types of stuff that she would like. So, Jionni came in about a couple months ago; he came in looking at engagement rings. He basically came up with certain design that she liked in some of the rings," Ben Bekdas, the owner of the New Jersey jewelry store, B&B Jewelers, told MTV News.

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Jionni then took it upon himself to pick a ring that he knew Snooki would love. "He designed it. He came a couple weeks ago he finalized it, he loved it," he added about the ring, which includes 3.02-carat princess-cut diamond in the center of a custom-built band with 2 carats of diamonds around it. It is reportedly worth about $55,000.

"She was totally surprised. She had no clue what it was going to look like," Bekdas said. "She had never seen it put together and he came and totally surprised her."

Now that there couple has a baby on the way and a wedding to plan, Bekdas said they have already started talking about designs for their wedding bands.

"I spoke to them yesterday. They're doing fabulous," he added. "They're doing great. He told me he was going to do it at the W Hotel in Hoboken and he was going to do it on the balcony. That he was going to get down on his knees."

Bekdas even gave us some insight into what they are like when the cameras aren't rolling. "They were talking about [marriage for a while]. They were making comments. Jionni was saying 'We'll be getting married.' I didn't know that she was pregnant until a few weeks ago but I didn't say nothing," he said. "Honestly they're incredible. They're very down-to-earth, very well-spoken people, very humble. Nice. They're amazing people."

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