Chris Brown, Meek Mill Crash Travis Porter's 'Ayy Ladies' Video

'Chris Brown, that was like our second to third meeting with Chris Brown ... but he just came through,' Quez says of Breezy's cameo.

Ain't no party like a Travis Porter party. When Ali, Quez and Strap were on the set for their "Ayy Ladies" video, Tyga, who appears on the track, was the only expected guest star. But when Meek Mill and Chris Brown also showed up, the good times began to roll.

"They the homeys, they just fell through," Ali told MTV News of Meek's and Breezy's unexpected cameos.

TP premiered their video on MTV Jams last Thursday and currently have the "Jam of the Week" in rotation. The Alex Nazari-directed clip is a ton of fun as the trio roam the halls of their hotel looking to score with the ladies. "It's the ultimate spring break. Travis Porter took over the whole hotel, ladies everywhere," Nazari described in a preview clip that TP released online last month.

"Chris Brown, that was like our second to third meeting with Chris Brown though, but he just came through," Quez said. "He was like, 'I rock with y'all n---as, I like the song."

Most artists would take the opportunity to finagle a feature, but for Travis Porter, their bond with Brown is more important than a collaboration. They'd rather just let things flow naturally. "We get cool, have a couple drinks, you know, smoke a little bit," Quez said.

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