'Jersey Shore' Fans Congratulate Snooki On Pregnancy

'I don't know what her baby is gonna be like... it will have a poof and rockin' the fist pump,' one fan tells MTV News.

On Wednesday (March 7) Snooki put all the rumors to rest by officially announcing not only that she is expecting her first child, but that she is engaged to Jionni LaValle.

On Wednesday, the "Jersey Shore" star tweeted, "Happy to finally share the news with my fans."

LaValle also shared his excitement via Twitter, "Thank You everyone!! Sorry about that wait but glad everyone's happy!! Nicole and I are real excited!! Our baby is going to be #ShortnTan"

The parents-to-be aren't the only ones excited for the new addition, Pauly D has offered his babysitting services, and Deena couldn't be more thrilled about having a mini meatball running around.

"Congrats @snooki my Lil meatball!!" Deena tweeted. "Can't believe we're gonna have a little baby meatball running around soon.. Your gonna be a great mommy."

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And it seems her fans are also sharing in the excitement of the big announcement. MTV News hit the streets of New York, where fans were eager to wish a big congratulations to Snooki and Jionni.

"Congrats! That's crazy!" Cody McNeeley said. "I don't know what her baby is gonna be like ... it will have a poof and rockin' the fist pump." Savannah Moore added, "Gonna come out with a bump!"

"Shore" fan Brian McGee was initially shocked by the news, but wished them nothing but the best. "Congratulations, Snooki, and good luck with the whole baby thing. Jionni's a good man."

So, what would fans get Snooki as a baby gift? "I'd give her a cute Juicy Couture like baby bag. That so fits her style," said one fan named Feek.

In addition to baby bottles and bedazzled pacifiers, one fan had something very different in mind for Snooki and Jionni's baby.

"I'd probably get her a baby tanning bed," Jason Bohrer said. "She gotta keep the baby looking good."

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