Why Snooki Tried To Keep Pregnancy A Secret

'Jersey Shore' star and fiancé Jionni LaValle learned the news 'right after New Year's,' so why all the secrecy?

After weeks of rumors, Snooki confirmed the world's worst-kept secret: She's pregnant (and engaged)!

The pint-sized "Jersey Shore" star announced her big news on the cover of this week's Us Weekly and in the accompanying interview, she revealed she is about 15 weeks along with fiancé Jionni LaValle's baby. "I have different priorities now," Snooki told the magazine. "I don't care what anybody else thinks. As long as I know I'm ready and he's ready."

She is reportedly due in mid-August.

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The reality TV star tells Us she and LaValle learned of her pregnancy "right after New Year's." But wait! On February 1, Snooki's rep denied she was pregnant to E! News, and the star even joked about the rumors on the "The Opie & Anthony Show," asking, "Does that mean they're calling me fat?"

So why might the star have fibbed to E! and held on to the news until now? According to Hollywood Life Executive Editor Denise Warner, a variety of factors likely contributed to her decision to keep the news quiet.

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"Celebrities don't just wait to announce their pregnancies for practical reasons — most women keep it a secret until at least 12 weeks per doctors' orders — but also for financial and personal gain," Warner told MTV News. "[She] probably wanted to control the timing of the story and release the news on her terms, instead of someone else's."

It's widely known that the end of the first trimester of pregnancy is an extremely important time in a baby's development. (Fact: It is when an embryo officially graduates to a fetus.) Most miscarriages occur in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association, which is why doctors will often encourage their patients to wait to disclose their pregnancies until after they are through their first trimester.

In addition, Warner continued, the reality TV star was likely out to make the most out of the news, like many celebrities before her. "Snooki likely shopped her story around, looking for the most lucrative, flattering and splashiest coverage of her impending bundle of joy," Warner explained.

Between exercising good judgment by keeping the news private until she was safely in her second trimester and engaging in the oft-profitable shenanigans of an expectant celeb, it seems Snooks is being far smarter and shrewder about her pregnancy than most would expect of the fun-loving party girl.

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