Demi Lovato's Tattoos Reflect Her 'Connection' With Fans

In footage from her MTV documentary 'Stay Strong,' the singer/actress explains the meaning behind her ink.

Demi Lovato's moving MTV documentary, "Stay Strong," was named after her two wrist tattoos, which pay homage to the mantra her fans would tell her while Lovato was in treatment. And in a special extra bit of footage, the singer/actress breaks down the meanings behind all of her ink.

"I have about nine or 10 tattoos. So, I have a lot of tattoos. The very first tattoo I got, I was 16. And I got 'You make me beautiful' on my ribs," she explained about the lyrics from the Bethany Dillon song "Beautiful." "It's one of my favorite songs ever and I got it because I was dealing with self-image issues."

Demi went on to tell the story behind her second tattoo, a feather behind her ear. "I got it at Warped Tour on a tour bus, and that just was stupid." And that's not the only tattoo she got on a bus at Warped Tour. Another year, she got a tattoo of a kiss mark on her wrist. "It's my friend Heidi's lips," Lovato explained.

"And then I have feathers down my ribs," she said of another set of tattoos. "I have a cross on my hand and then I have 'peace' and 'rock'n'roll' on my fingers. My dad doesn't know, but he'll find out now."

While all of her ink means something to her, it's the ones she got in the last year that really speak to her journey, such as the one on her right arm that reads "faith." "It's a matching tattoo with one of my friends I met in treatment. I didn't think I was going to come out of treatment with a new best friend, but I did and obviously I believe in faith. Faith has gotten me to where I am today."

And Lovato shouts out her Lovatics, not only with the words "Stay" and "Strong" scrolled across her wrists, but with one other tattoo.

"I got 'Stay' and 'Strong' on my wrists, and these actually were really meaningful to me," she said. "My fans constantly said it the entire time I was in treatment ... and while they said it they would also put a little heart. I have a signature heart that I dot my I's with. So my fans would draw it on their wrists every day until I came out of treatment.

And I thought, 'What better way to thank them?' That's a connection I have with my fans I don't see with many other people. And it's really cool that I have that; it's really special."

So, will she get more ink? "I have to stop! I am going to be covered in tattoos," Lovato laughed during the live "After Show." "I am so impulsive when it comes to it."

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