Demi Lovato Connects With Fans For 'Stay Strong' Q&A

'It was a challenge knowing it would be in front of the world,' she says about cameras following her every move for MTV special.

Demi Lovato opened herself up to her fans and the world via the revealing MTV special "Demi Lovato: Stay Strong," which aired Tuesday (March 6) on MTV. Throughout the hourlong documentary, the singer/actress shared intimate details about her life and recent struggles with cutting, eating disorders and other body-image issues, as well as what's most important to her now and where she stands with her music and acting career.

During the "After Show," Lovato sat down with MTV's SuChin Pak and a small group of fans for a Q&A pegged to the intimate project, her recovery and who she looks to for strength and inspiration.

"Doing the documentary was so interesting," Lovato said when asked about how she felt letting cameras follow her around for months. "I've never had cameras following me around. It was a challenge knowing it would be in front of the world. I felt really vulnerable and still do tonight in knowing that's what's in the world," she admitted. "I wouldn't change it, knowing some girl could hear it and be affected positively."

Lovato seemed totally comfortable and at ease with the audience, joking about how it was OK people were seeing "how screwed up I am." She answered as many fan questions as time allowed, which covered topics like being a role model, who she looks up to for inspiration and a Twitter rapid-fire round.

"I definitely have my role models. I have singers I look up to [including] Kelly Clarkson, she is my ultimate idol. Then there is always people who inspire me daily," she said. My sisters and my mom, those people help me get through every single day."

The 19-year-old admitted that she is not perfect and that it was important for her, as well as young girls everywhere, to realize that she can be a role model by admitting and accepting her flaws.

"To me, it isn't about being perfect. I obviously have my flaws. When I first got into this business and thrown into the spotlight, it was difficult because I was a normal 14-, 15-year-old girl who had a mouth like a sailor," she recalled. "I was so frustrated all the time feeling guilty and shameful. I was partying and definitely not a role model, but after all of this, it's about overcoming issues and being able to rise above things.

"It's about going through hell and coming out as strong as you can," she added.

One of the more poignant moments in the Q&A occurred when one fan asked, tearfully, how she might best help her best friend who was going through a similar life-threatening issue that Lovato herself endured. Lovato's answer was both empathetic and on-point.

"It's incredibly brave for your friend to have gotten help," Lovato told the young woman. "That's the first step. As long as you're supportive, be there every step of the way with her, you can't say anything wrong."

On the lighter side of things, the audience was treated to an extended clip from "Stay Strong" in which Lovato discusses all of her tattoos (she has nine or 10) and the impulsive motivations behind them, many of which she strongly advised against.

Lovato also touched on the next steps in her music career, which include a concert stop in Austin, Texas, premiering the video for "Give Your Heart a Break," how she'd like to get back into acting if and when the right project comes along, as well as her upcoming appearance on MTV's revamped prank show "Punk'd."

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