Lady Gaga Surpasses 20 Million Followers On Twitter

Pop star extends her record-breaking Twitter dominance over second-place holder Justin Bieber.

Lady Gaga is known for her prolific Internet presence, and now she can lay claim to another achievement: She's the first person to pass 20 million followers on Twitter.

Mother Monster has yet to acknowledge the feat on her social network of choice, but, on February 9, when she noticed her number of followers eclipsed 19 million, she good-naturedly tweeted, "19 Million Followers!!! HOLY HOOKER!!! *goes back to work*"

Like many celebrities, Gaga has used Twitter to forge a closer relationship with her fans as well as make announcements about her career and respond to criticism, as she recently did when British music magazine NME named her hit album Born This Way the Most Pretentious Album Ever.

Gaga has been the most followed person on Twitter since August 2010, when she blasted past Britney Spears for the title when she reached 5.6 million followers.

Spears now enjoys 13.6 million followers, making her the seventh most-followed person on the network. Currently in third place is Katy Perry with 15.7 million followers. Shakira (14.5 million) and Rihanna (14.5 million) are not far behind.

The only person within spitting distance of Gaga on Twitter is Justin Bieber. The recent birthday boy has just over 18 million followers. He is, however, a far more prolific tweeter than Gaga; the Los Angeles Times notes that he has sent out 10 times as many tweets as the "Born This Way" diva.

Gaga also enjoys a massive following on Facebook, where she's been "liked" by nearly 49 million people. But Mother Monster cannot claim being the boss on Facebook. That title belongs to Rihanna, who has been liked by nearly 53 million individuals.