Katy Perry Isn't Looking To Top Herself On Next Album

'I'm gonna follow my heart as I always have and hopefully people will like it,' singer tells MTV News.

One would think that after Katy Perry releases Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, the final chapter of her highly successful album Teenage Dream, later this month, she would be ready to take a break. Think again.

Following the chart-topping success of her single "Part of Me," which she insists is not a jab at former husband Russell Brand, Perry has already begun thinking about the concept of her next album.

"I don't want to jinx myself 'cause I haven't stepped into the studio. I have an idea — I always have an idea. Like, I have an idea for the next two records; it just depends," Perry told MTV News in Los Angeles. "What I say is, I'm gonna kind of put my finger out there and test the pulse or test the waters of what the world wants, or what I need to say, which is probably most important rather than what the world wants."

Coming off the success of Teenage Dream, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and produced five #1 singles, Perry is not looking to outdo herself on her next musical effort. She's just going to follow her instincts.

"I don't want to give too much away. I also don't want to play the game of trying to continually top myself because eventually it may not always go as I planned," the singer said. "I may not get to be able to have another #1, so I'm just gonna do what feels right for me artistically. I'm very inspired at the moment, and so I'm gonna follow my heart as I always have and hopefully people will like it."

Perry, who also revealed that she "has a lot to say" on her next album, told "Saturday Night Live" star Kristen Wiig in Interview magazine that her music is "about to get real f---ing dark." But she promises that her die-hard fans will still be able to relate to this next step in her musical journey.

"I imagine that maybe my next record would be a little bit more of an artistic venture," Perry said. "Not that I'm going to self-sabotage either and be like, 'I'm going to make a crazy record that nobody really understands.' "

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