Young Jeezy Ready To 'Turn Up' With Hustlerz Ambition Tour

'I definitely wanna get out and show everybody the great and amazing music off the new album,' Jeezy tells MTV News at tour's second show.

Dope boys across the entire country are preparing to go crazy. On Saturday, Young Jeezy kicked off his Hustlerz Ambition Tour in D.C., and Sunday night, the Snowman hit New York City for the second of 22 stops.

"I definitely wanna get out and show everybody the great and amazing music off the new album and just get a chance to perform it for my fans and the cats that really ride with the real," Jeezy told MTV News before he took the stage at Irving Plaza on Sunday. "We kicked it off in D.C. yesterday and today it's New York, second day of the tour, so you know I'm ready to turn up."

Jeezy drew from his entire arsenal, performing songs from each of his four albums and his numerous street mixtapes. There were no big-name guests like with Young's July 2011 [article id="1667911"]TM 101 commemorative Big Apple show[/article], where he brought out Jay-Z, Kanye West, Fabolous and the LOX, but then again, the Snowman was all the star fans needed.

The Atlanta rap star rocked classics like his 2005 Akon-assisted "Soul Survivor," as well as "I Luv It" and "Go Getta" from his album The Inspiration. Of course, favorites from his new album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition were also well-represented, all to the crowd's delight.

"In New York, I'm like their country cousin," Jeezy boasted. "Every time I come to New York, whether it's Summer Jam or my own shows, it's always love. It's unconditional love."

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