Katy Perry Talks Fame, Hints At 'Real Dark' New Music

Singer discusses ups and downs of her career and where she's headed next with 'SNL' star Kristen Wiig in Interview magazine.

Katy Perry talks about the perils of fame, pesky paparazzi and precisely one Filipino "chicken bomb" in the new issue of Interview magazine.

Perry sat down with "Saturday Night Live" star Kristen Wiig for the magazine, and while some of their conversation understandably veers into the ridiculous — Katy describes in great detail how a backpack stuffed with chicken drew the attention of bomb-sniffing dogs and very nearly led to the cancellation of her concert in Manila — there are moments when she touches on details of her personal life, including her recent divorce from Russell Brand.

In one exchange, Wiig mentions a handful of acts that remind her of Perry's music (the Go-Go's, Madonna, the Bangles), describing them as "really happy, fun music," to which Perry replies, "Yeah, well, my music is about to get real f---ing dark."

Wiig then suggests Perry should cover the Smiths for her new album, to which she joked, "I'll be shoe-gazing. You'll never see my face because my hair is in my face."

Elsewhere in the interview, Perry lashes out at the paparazzi, calling their constant coverage of her life "disgusting," but admitting that it's something she's learning to deal with ... especially given her rise to superstardom over the past few years.

"I don't really ever tolerate it — especially when it comes to my personal life or my family. When I'm working, I'm all yours. But when I'm not working, stay the f--- away. That's how it goes," she told Wiig. "If I'm working, then I'm just kind of 100-percent up for the public. But if I'm not working, then, again, I'm very cautious. Today, for example, I'm not working. But if I decide to go out and get a coffee, and there's a paparazzi up in my face ... What I wanted to be and who I am is a singer and a songwriter. I wanted to be onstage, and I wanted the world to hear my music. The product of that is fame and the disgusting celebrity that goes along with it. But celebrity does not equal creativity, and the reason I'm here is because I want to create."

Perry also said that she's contemplating taking on some roles in movies, and compared her career post-Teenage Dream to Wiig's ascent following the success of her film "Bridesmaids," suggesting that, perhaps, the best way to keep advancing after a blockbuster is to try something completely new.

"Maybe you need to try something different, at least for now. That's what I'm hoping I can do," Perry said. "When I first came to L.A., I used to audition, and I had such fear because nobody really believed in my music. Now I have a confidence because my research shows that I should really just trust my instincts."