The Wanted Ace MTV News' Boy Band Pop Quiz

British boy banders prove they know 'NSYNC from the Jonas Brothers.

[artist id="3711734"]The Wanted[/artist] are taking over America. Their single "Glad You Came" is a certified hit, and they've even amassed enough U.S. exposure to get covered on "Glee" and tour with Justin Bieber.

The British fivesome (along with fellow Brit boy banders One Direction, who are also getting love Stateside) are proving that the new millennium is ready for a new crop of boy bands.

When the Wanted stopped by MTV News while they were in the U.S. for their tour, they played a little Boy Band Pop Quiz with us, and they did surprisingly well! See for yourselves ...

What boy band featured Justin Timberlake?

The Wanted: 'NSYNC

Did they get it right?: Yes

What boy band released the song "I Want It That Way"?

The Wanted: Backstreet Boys

Did they get it right?: Yes

What band launched the career of Robbie Williams?

The Wanted: Take That

Did they get it right?: Yes

What group from Boston formed a supergroup with the Backstreet Boys?

The Wanted: New Kids on the Block

Did they get it right?: Yes

What band's name is actually a temperature?

The Wanted: 98 Degrees

Did they get it right?: Yes, eventually, with some hints from us!

What band's brothers are also the stars of "Camp Rock"?

The Wanted: The Jonas Brothers

Did they get it right?: Yes

Having gotten high marks on our Boy Band Pop Quiz, the guys will come back our way later this month to be part of mtvU's Spring Break festivities. They will head to Sin City to chill with rapper Young Jeezy and MTV Artist to Watch 2012 Dev at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. It'll all go down March 20 to 22!

How would you have done on the Boy Band Pop Quiz? Let us know in the comments!