Jeremy Lin Captures Famous Fans In Fabolous, Manny Pacquiao, More

'Jeremy Lin is definitely going to get a documentary,' actor/director Michael Rapaport tells MTV News of Knicks star.

Everyone loves the underdog, and right now, there is no bigger underdog story than that of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. The Taiwanese-American NBA star went from the very end of New York's bench to basketball's hottest topic with his inspired play.

"Jeremy Lin is a shining star right now. It's good to see somebody — he got that story behind him," Fabolous told MTV News at a Brooklyn video shoot. "I think a lot of people, even myself, when you first heard it, you didn't know if it was a fluke thing or sometimes a kid has a good game and they beef it up, but he's actually playing well."

Lin emerged in early February, leading the struggling Knicks on a seven-game winning streak, scoring a ton of buckets along the way and capturing the hearts of b-ball fans across the world. Everyone from boxing champion Floyd Mayweather to President Obama has weighed in on Linsanity, and during the NBA 2012 All-Star Weekend in Orlando, it was all anyone could talk about.

"Great person, great guy. It's great for New York, it's great for the team," La La Vazquez Anthony, television personality and wife of Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, told MTV News. "Everybody there is so happy. 'Melo's happy about it."

Actor and film director Michael Rapaport attends many Knicks games, and he, too, is caught up in the Lintensity. "I got a picture with him the other day. I felt like I was a 12-year-old girl who saw 'NSYNC in '95, I was so excited," he said to MTV News on the red carpet before the All-Star Game.

Athletes from all over have taken notice. Lin's Cinderella story is particularly important to other Asian athletes, who often don't get recognized for their play — especially in basketball. "He's a very good basketball player, and I'm proud of him because he came from Asia," said boxing champ Manny Pacquiao.

Even Lin's NBA competitors praise his efforts. "He has a lot of confidence, and that's all you need in this league is confidence," Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose said.

"It's great for him, but it's also great for the league," Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash added.

Jeremy Lin has a heck of a story, maybe one that could be told on the big screen. "Jeremy Lin is definitely going to get a documentary. I don't know if Spike Lee's claimed the rights to it or whatever — I know he's been all over that," Rapaport said. There'll definitely be an ESPN '30 for 30' on Jeremy Lin."

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