Katy Perry Says 'Sims 3: Showtime' Is 'So Layered'

'You can change my Sim's hair color two or three times a day if you want to, which is basically what I want to do,' Perry tells MTV News.

Katy Perry's already earned her advanced degree in Simlish, having recorded a version of "Hot N Cold" in the fictional language of the long-running "Sims" game series. But in the upcoming "The Sims 3: Showtime," she's putting that degree to good use.

"I loved being a part of the creative process — which outfits is my Sim going to have, what kind of hair color. Because when we were creating it together, I [had] pink hair, now I'm blue hair, but you have so many options," she laughed. "And with this Sims, you can be a medley of different ... career choices. Like a magician, a musician, a DJ, an acrobat and, like ... I'm going to do all of them. I feel like I'm already multitasking in real life, but in my alternate reality, as a Sim, I would love to sing 'Firework,' twirling a baton of fire while levitating, doing the splits, and DJing. It might be a little much, but it would be highly entertaining."

It would, indeed. In the game, players guide their Sim on a voyage to fame, honing their craft (be it magic, tumbling, or DJing) in performances and paying their dues before eventually becoming superstars. And that's part of the reason Perry agreed to sign on to the project — after all, she knows a thing or two about that voyage.

"Some of the nuances and details are really hilarious, [and] it's so layered. You could be playing the same game for years and still be discovering things, so it's awesome to be a part of it," she said. "I love that you don't have any shortcuts with your journey. ... It's great, because you actually have to pay your dues in the game, and I think it kind of, in some ways, teaches whoever's playing it a valuable life lesson that it's all about hard work and nothing comes to you on a silver platter."

Of course, there are also some additional, Perry-specific perks too.

"This game is very creative and very natural for me. I love that, for instance, you can change my Sim's hair color two or three times a day if you want to, which is basically what I want to do," she laughed. "I can't, or I'd have to shave my head or my hair would just fall out. So it's got so many different features."

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