Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Tim Burton's claymation remake of his 1984 classic recalls the visual styles of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.'

The first trailer for Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie" has debuted, and it has something for just about everyone. There's a whole lot of nostalgia for the fans of the original Tim Burton short film.

Both follow Victor Frankenstein, a young boy who reanimates his recently deceased pooch, Sparky. The new version uses the same visual style that fans fell in love with in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "The Corpse Bride," but hangs onto the black and white from the 1984 classic.

There's just so much to enjoy about the "Frankenweenie" trailer that we've broken it down in to five key scenes that you'll need to check out.

Disney Logo

Tim Burton lets us know right off the bat that this isn't your typical Disney movie. Cinderella's castle fades to a stark black and white. Lightning strikes in the background. Clouds appear and the rain begins. This is an older Disney, the studio that previously had no problem going a little dark, but never too dark. The alter logo perfectly sets up what is to follow.

The Lightning

As a remake, there's always the question of "Why?" Why does the classic short film from the '80s need to be revisited by the man who made it in the first place? The answer comes in the form of an intricate shot that follows the bolts of lightning through the wires to Sparky. The claymation allows Burton to go back and approach the story in an entirely different way, with no limit to what he can film and how he can film it.


When adding an hour to the length of a story, you're going to have to add a character or two. One of the welcome additions is Edgar, the stand-in for Igor in this case. His look says it all and is in keeping with the spirit of the movie.

Bride of Frankenweenie

A nice throwback to the original short film, Sparky meets a nice girl poodle in the trailer. When her nose comes into contact one of his bolts, shocks run through her hair, and she ends up with a hairdo similar to another famous monster bride. It's a nostalgic touch and one that is sure to please fans who loved the original so much.

Burton Humor

Even without the signature claymation style and the dark circles around the eyes, you could probably tell this is a Burton film in more subtle ways like the gag at the end of the trailer. Sparky, happy to be alive again, gets a little too enthusiastic with his tail wigging and sends it flying into a nearby trash can. The joke has the feel of the two previous Burton claymation movies and lets us know that "Frankenweenie" will definitely be in the same vein.

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