Justin Bieber Answers Your Birthday-Related Questions!

As he celebrates his entry into adulthood, Bieber is answering fans' most pressing Twitter questions.

While there are very likely plenty of other 17-year-olds turning 18 this week, the most famous among them is superstar Justin Bieber, who celebrates his official entry into adulthood Thursday (March 1). Here at MTV News, we've been doing our best to get ready for the Biebs' big day by taking a walk down memory lane, looking back at his top 18 moments so far like his first MTV interview, the premiere of his movie "Never Say Never" and crashing this year's Oscars, but today we have a special treat, via a recent chat with the birthday boy himself during which he answered your Twitter questions!

Here are the first few questions he addressed, made possible by our readers, who Tweeted expert and insightful quandaries. Make sure to click on the video below to see/hear the rest of the questions that Bieber answered — we're looking at you, @tashacat1996, @JB1Dforeverxo, @heckyeabieber, @gabybabyyy, @CaitieBeliebs and @_LucyyHill.

@SJbieberly: How are you gonna celebrate your bday?

Justin Bieber: My birthday, I'm going to hang out with my friends and family, have a little get-together; nothing too crazy.

@yeti111: Whats the best present you have ever received for your birthday?

Bieber: I got a pool table, a purple one and it's amazing. That's probably my favorite.

@christapiaa: What was the BEST day of your life in these 18 years?

Bieber: The best day of my life, I have a couple. Probably my favorite was when my little sister was born.

@SarahThLu: If it was your last day on earth what would you do?

Bieber: I would just watch movies and hang out with my family and cuddle with them, because I love cuddling.

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber! Here Is Your Life In Outfits.What Birthday questions do you have for Justin Bieber? Leave your comment below!Happy 18th birthday, Justin Bieber! Now that we've counted down the superstar's 18 greatest moments, stick with MTV News as we celebrate the milestone all day.