Taylor Swift 'Fascinated' By Acting

'I would want to have the time, the ability and the love for something,' she tells MTV News of choosing roles.

Although pop/country superstar [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] has her hands full with a very successful music career — be it grabbing Grammys or working on a song for the "Hunger Games" soundtrack, don't rule her out for a full-fledged crossover into acting.

Swift recently went from recording songs to sound effects when she took on the role of Audrey in "The Lorax."

"What people don't think about with character acting in the voice-over form [is] you're making a lot of sounds," Swift told MTV News recently about her experience in the latest Dr. Seuss movie, which also features the voices of Zac Efron, Betty White and Danny DeVito. "It's very different from when you're singing songs that you wrote. With this, you're sitting there in a booth by yourself having conversations with no one."

The cast of the movie recorded their parts in different places, which made acting out dialogue even more of a challenge. But a part in "The Lorax" seems to be a premeditated change of pace for the pop star. "Acting is something I've been fascinated by my entire life," she said.

The singer said she has been reading scripts in her free time for the past five years but hasn't been quick to accept a role. "I would want to have the time, the ability and the love for something, the love for a character to where I could really make that commitment to it."

Taylor is known for writing lyrics that reveal her feelings about love and heartbreak, and you can probably expect the same passion if she makes a move to the big screen.

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