Justin Bieber's Top 18 Moments Kicks Off!

Oh, Baby! Before Bieber celebrates his 18th birthday on Thursday, we're counting down his best moments so far starting with #18 to #14.

As Justin Bieber gears up for his 18th birthday this week, we at MTV News decided we'd help our guy celebrate the milestone by looking back on 18 of his greatest moments so far.

Whether he's dazzling us with killer performances, topping the box office and the Billboard charts or just dropping yet another memorable music video, the Biebs has kept us talking since he first rose to super fame way back in 2009.

Of course, actually narrowing down all of those moments was no easy task. Our list had to include career successes as well as personal achievements, and the pop star has had no shortage of either. But we put our heads together for the Beliebers. We'll celebrate every day leading up to the final reveal on Justin's big day, Thursday, March 1. What will be the #1 moment? You'll have to keep it locked at MTVNews.com!

18. The 2012 Oscars

No, "Never Say Never" wasn't nominated for an Oscar, but Justin still managed to snag a few headlines at this year's show. Bieber popped up in the show's opener with host Billy Crystal in a sketch that paid homage to Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris." Dressed up in formal wear, Bieber shared what seemed to be longing glances with Crystal. The singer also showed his flair for comedy, giving more proof that he's a true triple threat.

17. Bieber's Love Life

Teen superstar Bieber dating Disney princess Selena Gomez has sparked lots of headlines. Whether they're walking arm-in-arm down a red carpet or sharing some alone time at, yes, the Staples Center for a "Titanic" screening, this twosome is pretty adorable. Selena has always been the mature one in this relationship — she turns 20 in July — so it might take some pressure off having Justin join in her adulthood.

16. Bieber's Bowling Party

Just as he was getting ready to drop his 2010 album My World 2.0, Nick Cannon challenged Justin to a bowling match. MTV News was on hand at Lucky Strike in New York City as the Biebs tried to beat Cannon. Tons of adoring fans also showed up to cheer on the floppy-haired star. In the end, despite Nick's big pre-game talk, it was Bieber who won. And Beliebers can probably take credit for helping him to victory!

15. Justin and his Johnson Hit 2011 VMAs

When Bieber walked the VMA red carpet last year, he brought along a very special date. No, not Selena, who was MTV's red-carpet co-host, but his pet snake, Johnson. (The metaphor was not lost on anyone.) Justin actually seemed to creep out his lady when he unveiled the creepy crawler, and we couldn't stop talking about it.

14. Someday Perfume Launch

Nobody launches a fragrance like Bieber: The Canadian singer took over Macy's Herald Square in NYC last June to debut his first perfume, Someday. The iconic department store was filled mostly with female fans hoping to get spritzed by the star, and we found out he cares a lot about how they smell.

"I just think that what we decided to do — making the fragrance for females, not getting a cologne for males — I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm more concerned about how girls smell 'cause I'm a guy," Justin explained to MTV News. "And I know what smells good and I know what I like, so girls should know if [I like] it, then other guys are going to like it."

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Stick with MTV News all week as we count down Justin Bieber's 18 greatest moments leading up to his 18th birthday. On Thursday, March 1 — the teen star's official big day — we will reveal the #1 greatest moment in his career so far. Plus, stay tuned for even more Bieber as we celebrate the milestone!