Oscars 2012: Academy Awards By The Numbers

We do the math on everything from the longest Oscar telecast ever to the number of nominations Gary Oldman has received.

With so much consideration going into predicting the 2012 Oscar winners and losers, the number of calculations and formulas can be dizzying. How many awards will "The Artist" win? Can Woody Allen win his fourth Oscar? Numbers play a big role in the effort leading up to Hollywood's most important night.

Will the show go for four hours, 23 minutes, like it did when Whoopi Goldberg hosted in 2002? How long is the average show? With so many people commenting on how heavy their new trophies are, how much does an Oscar actually weigh? Has composer John Williams really been nominated that many times?

To make sense of the plethora of factors and digits, we've assembled a helpful guide to all the math you'll need to worry about come Oscar night.

1: Lifetime nominations for Gary Oldman

47: Lifetime nominations for John Williams

8.5: Weight of Oscar in pounds

9: Times Billy Crystal has hosted

19: Times Bob Hope has hosted

216: Minutes in last year's show

216: Minutes in average Oscar telecast over the last 10 years

263: Minutes in longest Oscar telecast (2002)

1,000: Bottles Moët & Chandon champagne at the Governors Ball

1,450: Pounds of Maine lobster at the Governors Ball

$861,000: Price of Orson Welles' Oscar at auction

37.63 million: Viewers of last year's Oscar telecast

38.58 million: Average viewers in the last 10 years

10 years, 148 days: Age of youngest winner ever (Tatum O'Neal, "Paper Moon")

80 years, 292 days: Age of oldest winner ever (Jessica Tandy, "Driving Miss Daisy")

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