'Hunger Games' Star Jennifer Lawrence Will 'Say Anything'

Woody Harrelson raves about his young co-stars, who acted 'like cats' on the film's set.

As our excitement for "The Hunger Games" movie grows with each passing day, so too does that of the castmembers, who are equally psyched to see the finished product.

MTV News has been very lucky to chat with major players like Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Wes Bentley and Elizabeth Banks, all of whom have expressed the most interest in seeing the action in the actual Games play out onscreen.

The latest castmember to jump on that particular bandwagon is Woody Harrelson, a.k.a. the not "phony drunk" Haymitch Abernathy.

"I'm really interested in all the stuff that happens out in the actual Hunger Games, because I wasn't really a part of that," Harrelson told us of the scenes he's most excited to see in the finished film. "I joined with those guys, they were in Nashville, and I met up with them after that. All that stuff they shot there, I'm really intrigued about it. I hear that it's just beautiful and amazing. I'm hearing it from people who might be biased, but might have some objectivity as well."

Harrelson also revealed his genuine affection and appreciation of his fun-loving and talented young co-stars, Lawrence and Hutcherson.

"I knew from 'Winter's Bone' that [Lawrence] was a real talent, but what was surprising to me is how fun she is. She'll say anything," Harrelson said with a chuckle. "Her and Josh used to always cut each other up and act like cats. They'd run after each other like they were kittens playing, just hysterical. [It was] really fun hanging out with her and with Josh. The whole group is really awesome."

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