'Degrassi' New Season Brings 'New Beginnings'

Stars tell MTV News what to expect from new episodes as part two of premiere airs Friday night (February 24) on TeenNick.

Earlier this week, a whole new batch of "Degrassi" episodes kicked off with part one of a two-part premiere, dubbed "Underneath It All." On Friday night (February 24), fans of the long-running and beloved teen drama will get to see what's next for all of the characters, both new and old, when the second part airs in its regular timeslot.

Several of the castmembers stopped by MTV News to give us the scoop about what fans should expect from the two-parter, teasing some future ups and downs that will be explored this season.

"It's all about new beginnings, so there's new freshmen coming in to the Degrassi halls, and some of the favorite old characters just doing new crazy things," revealed Jordan Todosey, who plays Adam.

In addition to new beginnings for some, there will be lots of old-fashioned "Degrassi" drama for just about everyone. "My character, Fiona, her best friend Holly J (played by Charlotte Arnold) from the past couple seasons just graduated, so she's trying to find her place at Degrassi without Holly J," Annie Clark explained. "She's trying to find some new friends and trying to reinvent herself a bit, but obviously it gets her into some trouble because it's Degrassi."

But, Fiona isn't the only one getting into trouble, according to Alex Steele. "My character, Tori, is a freshman at Degrassi, and she goes in knowing who she wants to be and what she wants to do," she said. "Of course, plans don't always go the way we want them to go, and she gets herself into a tad bit of trouble."

Someone who knows a lot about the trouble that can go down at Degrassi is Munro Chambers, who plays Eli, a teen who has battled many of his own personal demons but hopes to turn that all around. "Eli is just trying to be better," he explained. "Overall, he's just trying to get healthier. He's been through some pretty crazy things with his disorder, with Clare. I think he's just trying to look out for 'numero uno' ... I think you're going to see him battle his disorder and be a better person overall."

"Degrassi" airs at 9 p.m. ET Friday on TeenNick.

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