'Hunger Games' Oscars Party: A How-To

In this week's Hobnobbing, we plan your Panem-themed Academy Awards fete.

Well, the 84th annual Academy Awards are right around the corner, and though "Hunger Games" fans have another year to wait until the big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' teen novel is awards-eligible (we've got you in our crosshairs, Best Picture nomination!), that doesn't mean we can't celebrate in revolutionary style. And we're making it super easy for you hungry film buffs out there. We've carefully composed a step-by-step guide to throwing your very own "Hunger Games"-themed Oscars party. Dig in!

Reap Your Attendees

Just like Panem's most prestigious event, you can't let the entire dystopian nation into your Oscars get-together. Write each of your friends' names down on a slip of paper, drop them into a bowl and select only 24 pals to enjoy your bean dip and Billy Crystal-shaped Jell-O mold. They'll thank you for it in the end.

Set Up a Groom Room

Tributes — I mean, guests — can't even think of setting foot into the arena of your living room without first dividing their unibrows and conquering their hairy gams. Clear a common space (who needs privacy?) for your pals to primp and polish (sans Cinna and company, unfortunately) before the opening ceremonies. Stock generously with Capitol Colours nail polish.

Let the Games Begin!

OK, full disclosure: This isn't so much a party as it is a cinephilic death match — only one guest can survive. Print Oscar ballots for each attendee (our friends at NextMovie have a handy, downloadable version) and be sure they fill out every category. Eliminate each incorrect guest, ushering them out of your home one by one (anthem optional) until you're left with a single, exhausted winner.

Cue the Parade

Six months later (August 26, to be exact), you'll want to invite the winner back to your house or apartment for their victory tour. Knock on each of your neighbors' doors (starting with the highest number) and request they throw you a huge celebratory feast. Gratis.

Your Hobnobbing Gamemakers guarantee this will be one party Panem will be talking about for years to come! May the Oscars be ever in your favor!

Will you be throwing a "Hunger Games"-themed Oscars party? Sound off in the comments below and tweet me @amymwilk with your thoughts and suggestions for future columns!

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