Paris Hilton Reveals 'Drunk Text' Dangers In New Video

Manufactured Superstars single features the heiress' spoken word over an electro-house beat.

Staying true to her roots, Paris Hilton is speaking to party girls everywhere in the new Manufactured Superstars single "Drunk Text."

"Drunk Text" dropped with an accompanying video Thursday (February 23), featuring an electro-house beat under the socialite's spoken word. As for the lyrics, Paris narrates a modern clubgoer's inner-monologue, highlighting key partying moments like dancing, taking shots and, you guessed it, drunk texting.

The most attention-grabbing element of the video is Hilton herself. Focusing mostly on her red-lipstick-stained mouth speaking the words to the song, the camera also occasionally pans to the songstress relaxing in various locations throughout the club in a stunning-yet-suggestive black dress. This is a major transition from her bikini-clad "Stars Are Blind" music video, channeling a chic and erotic energy for the more risqué track.

You might have forgotten Hilton's short-lived musical career that virtually began and ended with the single "Stars Are Blind" back in 2006, but this new track is a bit more memorable — and, Paris hopes, the beginning of her new-and-improved musical style. After the heiress dabbled in bubblegum pop, she is transitioning into electronic dance music for her upcoming project.

We recently caught up with Hilton to discuss her upcoming album, and she confirmed that rumored boyfriend Afrojack is helming the project. "It's completely different from my last album. I'm going with a whole new genre. I have Afrojack executive-producing the entire album. So we've just been coming up with the most incredible tracks," she teased. "I was just in the studio with RedFoo the other night, so we're going to be doing my new single with LMFAO."

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