'Mirror Mirror' Star Lily Collins Leads An Enchanted Tour

Snow White herself shows off fantastical forest, crumbling village and dwarves' cottage during MTV News' set visit.

When "Mirror Mirror" hits theaters March 30, moviegoers will be transported to an enchanted land of snowy forests, old-timey villages and lavish castles for a classic retelling of the Snow White fairy tale. But why wait that long when you can get a sneak peek behind the scenes right now?

MTV News' own Josh Horowitz was lucky enough to visit the "Mirror Mirror" set and received a guided tour from Snow White herself, Lily Collins.

"This is where I live," Collins declared while welcoming MTV News to the snowy forest set of the film. She was quick to caution that, unlike real snow, the white stuff piled throughout the woods wasn't exactly appetizing. "It's salt," she warned.

"This is the forest as you can see, obviously. The dwarves' tree house is somewhere in these woods. The majority of the action takes place here," Collins explained. "And I'm in big ball gowns running around in this wood. I'm fighting with Armie [Hammer]."

From the forest, Collins took MTV News to another soundstage, where a dilapidated village was constructed. The place was in disrepair — and, of course, it was all Julia Roberts' fault. "It has seen better days, yes," Collins told MTV News. "The story is that the queen [Roberts] has spent all the money, and so the village is poor."

Next, the 22-year-old "Abduction" actress introduced Josh to the dwarves' cottage, which features several small beds and a shorter-than-usual kitchen table.

"This is the classic, iconic dwarves' house, as you can tell by the little things around. So much goes on in this house," the actress said. "Everything from the iconic waking up scene with the dwarves and I [to] Armie — imagine Armie, how tall he is, he is in here quite a bit."

The lovely actress even invited Josh to stay in the cottage. "Don't you want to stay? Take a little bed up there?" she asked. Alas, none of the beds built for the seven dwarves would be a good fit and Collins knows it, having given them a go herself. "I tried fitting in one of those too; they're really small," she admitted.

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