Kanye West Tops The-Dream's Hottest MC List

Jay-Z is 'so far up there it's almost a discredit putting him on the list,' The-Dream tells 'RapFix Live.'

When MTV News crowned Rick Ross the #1 Hottest MC in the Game, the entire hip-hop community seemed to take notice. The-Dream, who worked with a number of the artists on our Hottest list, including Big Sean, Drake and Jay-Z, has his own pick and revealed to "RapFix Live" who he believed should've taken the #1 spot.

"The top MC in the game to me is

href="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/west_kanye/artist.jhtml">Kanye," he said.

Last year Yeezy dropped the groundbreaking tag-team album Watch the Throne with 16-year rap veteran Jay-Z. For The-Dream, it's hard to judge Hov simply because he has done too much in his career. So if it were up to the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter, he'd leave the God MC out of the debate entirely. "Jay shouldn't even be on the list anymore," The-Dream argued. "He's so far up there that it's almost a discredit putting him on the list. He's never gonna be judged the same."

The term "hot" is a relative one, and according to The-Dream, the heat index can change quickly. "That list is gonna keep fluctuating, but I think it's a disservice to what Jay has done to even put him on that list period," he said. "If he was a new rapper, right now, he'd be #1 on the list."

With Hov taken out of the discussion, the self-proclaimed Radio Killa, who also wrote on 'Ye's "All of the Lights," sees his pal Kanye at the top of the game at the moment, but it's close; he believes Lil Wayne has a case as well.

"I think Wayne and Kanye kinda go back and forth, it just depends on when Wayne's up for it, I think. When you push him and he's up for it musically he's great," The-Dream said. "Then there is certain points ... they're pushing each other and then Kanye goes. There's something musically I can tell when somebody has an edge on someone else."

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