Adele's Brit Awards Interruption 'A Shame'

'I went straight backstage and spoke to her. I just wanted to say 'I'm so sorry,' ' show's host James Corden says.

Adele made headlines this week when she flashed her middle finger during the Brit Awards. The singer's naughty gesture took place when she was interrupted during her acceptance speech for the Album of the Year award for her record-breaking 21.

It all went down when the show's host, British TV presenter and actor James Corden, hit the stage mid-speech and cut her off to introduce Brit rockers Blur's performance. In the heat of the moment, the chart-topping British songstress threw up her middle finger to the show's producers. In an interview with The Sun, Corden opened up about the headline-making moment.

"Just after Adele said thank you, people were saying 'You have to go on now. You have to do it now.' I said: 'How can we cut her off?' It was such a surreal moment, all you can hear is five people in your ear having an argument and there's one overriding voice saying, 'James, you have to,' " he explained. "It's a shame but it's a live show and what can you do? It's one of those things. The channel will learn from it, we'll all learn from it and rectify that and change it next year."

Corden added, "I was so upset I didn't even watch Blur. I went straight backstage and spoke to her. I just wanted to say 'I'm so sorry, if I had it my way ...' — but unfortunately you can't make those calls. It would have been a wonderful TV moment for Adele to have her moment in the sun and say what she had to say."

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