Rachel Crow Talks Up 'Amazing' Post-'X Factor' Career

'Everything just kind of happened at once,' 14-year-old tells MTV News about new TV and recording deals.

Her elimination from "X Factor" made for one of the most shocking (and tear-filled) moments of the show, and now breakout star Rachel Crow will be crying tears of joy thanks to a newly inked recording contract with music-industry powerhouse Columbia Records and a TV deal with Nickelodeon.

MTV News caught up with the spunky 14-year-old on Wednesday (February 22) to get the inside scoop on her new endeavors.

"Everything just kind of happened at once. It was really cool for me. I've never had so many things happen — it's just amazing," Crow said of her recent career developments, the first of which we'll see via Nickelodeon's new comedy "Fred: The Show."

" 'Fred: The Show' is so much fun to work on. The whole crew, the whole cast, everyone is amazing. What's really cool is on that show, you get to show both sides — singing and acting — which is right up my alley," Crow said of her five- to six-episode stint. "I'm loving the acting so much. It's really fun for me. I have a fun character. She's spunky and crazy, and she wants to be a star and her name is — drum roll — her name is Starr."

With regard to the pilot the network is developing around the bubbly singer/actress, Crow said the details are still being worked out but promised it will be something we've never seen before.

"The goal with the pilot is to reach boy and girl audiences, because that's hard to do. We're still deciding if it's going to be one topic or any topic. Hopefully my [character's] name is Rachel, I hope," she said. "It's going to be edgy and really funny. I want to land the moms and the dads too, so hopefully it will be a family show."

In between her work on "Fred: The Show" and her new pilot, Crow is getting ready to record her first studio album at Columbia.

"I want my first album to have a lot of high notes in songs," Crow said. "I want there to be upbeat songs and slow songs, I want it to be retro and very soulful and I want at least one of my songs to have a guy rapping in it, because that is just so cool. Maybe Eminem can rap on it?"

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