Game Ordered To Pay $5 Million To North Carolina Police

Five officers filed a defamation suit against Game in 2006 following the MC's arrest at a North Carolina mall.

Game's pockets are about to become significantly lighter. On Tuesday, a North Carolina appeals court judge ruled that the Documentary MC pay $5 million in damages to five Greensboro police officers upholding a 2006 ruling, according to a report for local North Carolina affiliate My Fox 8.

The suit stems from an October 2005 incident, when Game was arrested at the Four Seasons Town Centre mall in North Carolina. Originally, Game was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct when he went into the mall to sign autographs wearing a mask. Mall security said that the rapper was wearing a full-face Halloween mask and cursing loudly. When Game was asked to leave, he refused and was arrested soon after.

The rapper's crew filmed the arrest and included an edited portion of it in a DVD titled "Stop Snitchin', Stop Lyin'," a documentary-style film Game co-produced. The five officers filed a defamation suit against the rapper in 2006. The suit accused Game and Bungalo Records Inc. (a second producer of the film) of libel and slander, claiming their identities were wrongfully used.

Now, the five arresting officers (Hien Nguyen, Matthew Brown, Ryan Childrey, Romaine Watkins and David Gregory) will receive $1 million each for compensatory damages. The officers are also seeking an additional $10 million in punitive damages, but the appeals court decided a new trial would be set for that particular ruling.