'American Idol' Judge Randy Jackson Has 'Crazy Taste'

Fellow 'Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez dishes to MTV News about working alongside 'most positive' person.

As season 11 of "American Idol" chugs along, it's clear that Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler have found their footing and place with one another. The threesome is already into their second season as the show's brain trust, and J.Lo is revealing just what makes sharing the judging panel with "Idol" vet Jackson so great.

"He has all different kinds of sunglasses. There was one pair where I was like, 'Those are too big ... those are just too big!' and he's like, 'I love these,' " she laughed to MTV News during a recent chat about the Fox reality singing competition. "The thing I love about Randy is he's always so positive, even when he gives negative criticism on the show, 'cause he's the hardest of all of us."

While Jackson is straight up when it comes to his feelings about the contestants' talent — or lack thereof — it's his cool "dawg" demeanor that makes his criticism a much easier pill to swallow.

"He'll straight-out tell you that was awful. We won't say it," she said, adding that she and Tyler don't verbalize their feelings as straightforwardly. "Even though he's that guy, he's the most positive and the most great-energy person ever. He can laugh at himself so genuinely at the same time. He's just an amazing person."

As amazing as his judging style is Jackson's aforementioned sense of style, which reaches far beyond spectacles. "And he loves crazy sunglasses and I love them on him. Without the glasses, it's not really Randy — that and the shoes. He has a crazy taste in those things, like a little bit out there," she said. "Not mad at that."

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