Travis Porter Arrest Stemmed From 'Honest Mistake'

'He just messed up and left it in his bag,' Travis Porter's Ali tells MTV News of the gun found in Strap's bag at the airport.

On Wednesday, Travis Porter member Strap was arrested when police at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport found a firearm in one of his bags at a security checkpoint. But according to the trio's other members, Ali and Quez, things aren't as sinister as they may seem.

"The situation was, like, an honest mistake," Quez told MTV News on Thursday (February 16) in New York.

"He just messed up and left it in his bag," Ali reiterated.

According to the group, the gun was registered to Strap, whose real name is Harold Duncan. When traveling to the airport for a promo trip to New York, the rapper simply forgot to remove the pistol from his luggage. At the time of the interview, Quez confirmed that the wheels were already in motion to get Strap out of jail.

"He ain't in there for life. We know he gonna get out," he said. "They're going to pay his bond right now."

Quez was actually with Strap when he was arrested and described the entire ordeal to MTV News. "It was crazy, because he was looking so confused," the rapper said when detailing the search and subsequent arrest. "He didn't know what was going on, and they told him, 'You got some business in your bag, bro.' "

The trio have been a staple on the Atlanta rap scene for a number of years. They first gained notoriety after appearing on Roscoe Dash's 2008 hit "All the Way Turnt Up," and in 2010, the guys broke through off the strength of their strip-club anthem "Make It Rain." The song peaked at #9 on the Billboard rap charts and piqued interest for the group's oft-delayed debut album, No Sleep to Atlanta, on RCA Records.