'Hunger Games': The Memes That Caught Fire

This week's Hobnobbing celebrates Seneca Crane's beard, Peeta's advice and more Web wonders.

Three years can feel like an eternity. That's how long "The Hunger Games" fans will have sat around sharpening their arrows between Lionsgate purchasing the film rights to Suzanne Collins' novel and the movie ultimately swooping into theaters March 23. But it's also been a productive 36 or so months for the series' acolytes, evidenced by the plethora of Panem-centric memes that have cropped up online to amuse, inform and enthrall.

From Seneca Crane's beard to Katniss' orange backpack, let's celebrate the things that have made this infernal wait a little less painful. (Special thanks to Twitter friends who sent in their recommendations.)

Seneca Crane's beard

Wes Bentley's flame-shaped fuzz was destined for Internet infamy. Following the debut of "The Hunger Games" full-length trailer, the stylized scruff seemed to be one of the hottest topics of conversation. A Facebook page (and insightful interview with Hollywood Crush) followed, proving the beard had staying power — even if it didn't stay on Bentley's face forever. "I would have loved to have kept the beard, but that beard took two hours to groom every day," he told MTV News. "It's such a cool look. Ve Neill, the makeup designer, did such an amazing job. It's exciting that it's getting that kind of attention."

Advice Peeta

Peeta is the wisest baker's son we know. Need proof? Take a gander at Advice Peeta, recommended by @TheHobOrg, where the disembodied head of Josh Hutcherson dispenses pithy platitudes and nuggets of wisdom. "Remember who the real enemy is: Panera," one reads, while another declares, "I set fireeeeeee to the bread." Aw, Peeta's an Adele fan! We knew it.

Lord Buttercup

District 12's male tribute isn't the only character pontificating online. Even Prim's mangy tomcat is getting in on the action. Similarly styled to Advice Peeta, Lord Buttercup, recommended by @mirandahakim, has plenty to say too, like "I am the Mockingjay. LOL JK I'm a cat." The busy feline also manages his own Twitter account, @LordButtercup. Because the revolution needs social-media-minded mongrels.

Effie's shoes

One of the newer (and perhaps less prevalent) memes, recommended by @HGgirlonfire, is a foot fetishist's best friend. Effie Trinket's gold booties (supposedly fashioned after an Alexander McQueen design) made their debut on the recently launched Capitol Couture. And our shoe envy will never be the same.

Katniss' orange backpack

Clearly, "Hunger Games" fans are a fashion-conscious bunch, because when the first "Hunger Games" teaser debuted, and it appeared Katniss' bright backpack had been replaced by a duller version, die-hards were not pleased. Thankfully, further peeks have confirmed that the fiery bag, which Katniss grabs at the beginning of the Games, is indeed a player. And, as recommended by @pikko, it continues to be celebrated on Facebook.

What's your favorite "Hunger Games" meme? Sound off in the comments below and tweet me @amymwilk with your thoughts and suggestions for future columns!

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