Taylor Swift Not Ready To 'Put Down' Speak Now Tour

'I loved this show so much ... that I didn't necessarily want to put it down,' she tells MTV News of taking the tour to Australia and New Zealand.

Taylor Swift will launch the next leg of her highly successful Speak Now Tour next month, and she's excited by all the possibilities the trek will bring this time around.

"We're going to Australia and New Zealand, because we are never done touring," she joked to MTV News during "MTV First: Taylor Swift," when she premiered her new video for the "Hunger Games" track "Safe & Sound."

"I'm really excited about going back to Australia and New Zealand because, well, New Zealand, it's the first time I've ever been there, and the Australian fans have been so good to me," she continued. "And this will be my third time going back there. I loved this show so much, the Speak Now Tour, that I didn't necessarily want to put it down. I hope they like it. I love going there. It's always really wonderful. The people are so nice."

The last time she hit the road, she was joined by a laundry list of A-listers, including T.I., Flo Rida, Usher and Paramore leading lady Hayley Williams, to name a few. And she still can't believe all those people agreed to perform with her.

"It's been crazy. Between all the guest artists that have come out and come onstage and surprised the audience, that was, I think, my favorite part of touring this year, because the audience never knew what they were going to get," she said. "And I loved that experience, and even walking around L.A., people come up to me, these girls will come up to me [like] 'I was at the Staples show where Justin Bieber came out' [or] 'I was at the one where Ellen and Nicki Minaj came out,' and it's just really fun, because you start to realize that concert meant something to them, and that's nice."

Not only did all those famous faces perform with Swift, but she also had one of the top-grossing tours of the year. "That's the fans doing that," she said. "I'm kind of blown away by that."

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