Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded Is 'Brilliant'

'Musically and lyrically, as far as a writer, she's very, very talented,' choreographer Laurieann Gibson tells MTV News.

Nicki Minaj will drop her highly anticipated Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded this April. And as she amps up to do more performances and release more videos connected to the release, there's a good chance she just might work with her Grammy performance choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, again.

When MTV News spoke to the famed Gibson, she told us that she was "just looking forward to more great stuff with that artist, more to come." The two are both known for their eye-catching creativity that made for a number of post-Grammy headlines.

"She's so full of life. She's so fun. She makes me laugh," Gibson said. "It's such a great time with her and other artists [like her]. It's just really great to be part of just really pure, bright people who just love what they do and the music. She's an MC, she's a rap artist, and it's great we have the chance to compete on such a huge scale."

That love of all things done on a huge scale, of course, was certainly tested on the Grammy stage Sunday. And Gibson made sure that "Roman Holiday" got plenty of shine despite the theatrical performance.

"Roman Reloaded, I thought, is a brilliant record," she said. "The way she's throwing it so bold, impactful, not afraid. When people get into the record, they'll actually understand that that was the energy [of] 'I'm done with you, be done. I'm gonna believe in myself.' The record is amazing. And in choreographing it and in the beats and the camera angles, everything came from the power of the record.

"Those levels usually lend itself to a pop performance," she said. "And now it's being done by an MC and being done well. The execution of it is what has people in shock, I think."

Minaj and Gibson worked together in 2010 on an eye-popping VMA pre-show performance, when Minaj took the stage with to perform "Check It Out."

"I always connect with the passion and the gratefulness and the humility that she has," she said. "Musically and lyrically, as far as a writer, she's very, very talented and that excites me. I love the delivery of her records. I saw it then, and now that I have the opportunity to work with her again, I see it now, and it's only going to get bigger and brighter for her. And I'm looking forward to helping her do that."

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