Foo Fighters Have A 'Big Idea' For New Album

'[We're going to record it] in space. To tape,' frontman Dave Grohl says of follow-up to Wasting Light.

Hours before Dave Grohl cemented his status as the secret MVP of the 54th Grammy Awards with a Jeremy Lin-like performance that included a Slayer T-shirt, a time-limit-be-damned acceptance speech and a three-minute guitar duel with Bruce Springsteen, the Foo Fighters frontman was in the mood to celebrate.

After all, by the time the Foos chatted with MTV News on the Grammy red carpet, they had already won an armload of awards, including Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song and Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance ("I feel so bad for the Dream Theater guy," Grohl joked). So when we asked him for details on his upcoming "Sound City" documentary — and rumors of an accompanying album — well, Grohl let the details spill forth like so much celebratory champagne.

"We released a teaser trailer ... there may be an album that accompanies [it]," Grohl said. "I recorded a lot of songs with a lot of people in the past couple months. There used to be a recording studio called Sound City that was in the San Fernando Valley. Nirvana recorded there in 1991. It was this really beautiful dump in the middle of a warehouse district. A lot of great records were made there.

"Fleetwood Mac made records there; Neil Young made records there. Tom Petty, Cheap Trick, Dio, Ratt, Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield, Rage Against the Machine did their first record there, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica ... Evel Knievel, Charles Manson recorded there, Barry White, Johnny Cash," he continued. "So I interview them to tell the history of the studio, but then I invite them back to record with me, and we make a record."

While there's still no firm release date for either the "Sound City" film or soundtrack, it's not the only project on Grohl's plate at the moment: There's also the matter of the Foos' follow-up to the Grammy-winning Wasting Light album, which will once again re-team the band with producer Butch Vig and may very well re-up the "no computers" ethos employed during the making of that disc. Grohl will admit that there is an ambitious recording plan in place, though he wouldn't reveal the details just yet.

"We have an idea. It's kind of a really big idea," he said. "[We're going to record it] in space. To tape. An analog moonshot."

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