Pill Drops First Post-Maybach Tape The Epidemic

'I'm puttin' that trap music in ya ear, I'm putting that reality rap in ya ear,' Pill tells Mixtape Daily of his latest tape.

Main Pick

Headliners: Pill and DJ Holiday

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: The Epidemic

Real Spit: Deal or no deal, Pill is going to grind. The Atlanta MC may no longer be a part of Rick Ross' Maybach Music squad, but that hasn't stopped him from putting that work in. On February 9, P-I-Double-L released The Epidemic, his 16-track reality rap opus.

"You know all eyes on me right now and it's all on me right now," Pill told Mixtape Daily. "This was a very strenuous task of mines. I put in a lot of hard work over the last couple of months, and it's just gonna bridge that gap between real music and the fraud music."

Since his breakout hit "Trap Goin' Ham," Pill has built his rep on intelligent but street-centered raps. "I'm puttin' that trap music in ya ear, I'm putting that reality rap in ya ear, I'm putting that music that you can jog to, run to, work to," he said. "I'm putting that music out that you can actually uplift yourself to."

There are a variety of jams on The Epidemic — the tape's opener "Movin' Out" samples Billy Joel's 1977 single "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)." Sounds a bit unorthodox for a trapper-turned-rapper, but Pill expertly employs a double-time rap bounce, spitting, "I'm movin' out, movin' out/ My clothes and my shoes is out/ And I'm ready ta let you know what these lame-ass motherf---in' fools about" at the track's opening.

On "Parkin' Lot," featuring Twista, Pill switches up his sound but not his intensity. The dark and menacing production is the perfect backdrop for Pillionaire's murderous boasts. "Down for My N---az" is a hard-knocking ode to his crew and their street-centric lifestyle. With "Chill Out," he takes a different turn over a bright and cheery track, rapping sweet nothings in the ear of a nondescript love interest. Then with "Memories," Pill takes a trip down memory lane, recalling the hard lessons he learned during his childhood.

If nothing else, Pill displays a wealth of range on The Epidemic, and in the end the tape stands as a testament to his work in the trap and in the studio.

Joints to Check For

» "On Me" - "It's basically a definition of everything I'm going through, lettin' everybody know that it's all on me when it boils down to it and that I got this."

» "Dreamin' " - "It's a dope record. It's mainly just when I was dreamin' of a million. It says that in the hook. All my trials and tribulations and everything that I've been through throughout life, from my mom passin' away, me being in the trap hustlin' to survive. And also my brother being in jail at one point and when he was writing me letters and stuff. It used to make me feel real bad that he was caged up like an animal. I just touched on all those different subjects."

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