'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Trailer: 5 Key Scenes

First trailer for Benjamin Walker-starring action flick shows undead villains, Abe wielding his trusty ax and an exploding tree.

You might think you know the story of Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, but a new movie coming out this summer intends to tell you a slightly different story.

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" reveals the untold story of honest Abe's nighttime hobby: vampire slaying. The first trailer for the film, starring Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln, has arrived online. For your first look at the action hero behind the historical hero, here are the five key scenes from the :


What's a presidential vampire hunter without undead foes to slay? The trailer gives us a look at the creature we're sure to see more of in the final film. These are the monsters that are responsible for the death of young Abraham's family and the creatures he must kill with extreme prejudice. The vampires Abe will battle appear agile and deadly, and would make a worthy foe for any historical figure looking to rid the world of the blood-sucking undead.

Ax fu

When MTV News spoke with Benjamin Walker for Ones to Watch 2012, he talked briefly about the signature brand of martial arts he used in the film. It's an entirely new style made for the film that incorporates Lincoln's favorite weapon for dispatching vampire: his trusty ax. In the trailer, Walker twirls his ax similar to a bow staff and teases the kind of carnage we will see when the film finally comes out.

Honest Abe

If you haven't already checked out MTV News' visit to the New Orleans set of "Vampire Hunter," click here now — Walker is unrecognizable. In the movie, the actor plays our 16th president throughout the entire span of his life, so the Abe of the $5 bill only appears toward the end of the film and just for a second in the trailer.


If you think this will be a one-note gimmick movie, you haven't seen the clips from the epic set-piece featured in the trailer. At some point during the film, Lincoln fights the undead on top of a train riding on a burning bridge. Make no mistake: This is a serious action movie from the director of "Wanted," and the action reflects that. Abe fights, ax in hand, in super slow-mo. So not only will this film have Abraham Lincoln and vampires, but also killer action scenes.


The moment that earned the biggest reaction when the preview screened for journalists, and will likely be the most-discussed scene, comes at the very end of the trailer. During his training to become a vampire hunter, Lincoln learns to focus his energy into the strength he needs to defeat the undead. Having finally learned how, Abe takes one giant swing of his ax at the trunk of a tree, and it explodes. Literally.

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