deadmau5, David Guetta Celebrate EDM's Big Night At The Grammys

'It's amazing for our scene to finally get the respect that I think it deserves,' Guetta tells MTV News.

While grandparents around the world celebrated the reunion of the Beach Boys at the 54th annual Grammy Awards, fans of electronic dance music held their glow sticks high after the dubstep movement's leader, Skrillex (24-year-old Sonny Moore), took home three Grammys out of his impressive five nominations — not to mention the live performances from David Guetta and deadmau5 during the telecast.

Skrillex — who went from fronting a screamo punk band to being a digital DJ in a few short years — managed to snag awards for Best Dance Album, Best Dance Recording (for "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites") and Best Remix (for his "Cinema" collaboration with Benny Benassi). He lost out on his other two noms, for Best New Artist (folk crooner Bon Iver took that one) and Best Short Form Music Video (a sweeping Adele nabbed that).

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EDM's road to the mainstream hit a high also thanks in part to the particularly awesome pairing of Lil Wayne and Chris Brown for "I Can Only Imagine" with the turntables helmed by French super-producer David Guetta, who at 44 is finally getting some Stateside love (let's not forget his other ridiculously catchy single "Memories" with Kid Cudi and current chart-dweller "Turn Me On" with Nicki Minaj).

"It's like having a rave outside the Grammys, and I love it!" Guetta told MTV News when asked about his performance before the show.

Guetta was happy the EDM community is finally getting some Grammy love, saying, "It's really exciting, because they wanted to acknowledge electronic dance music, and I think it's amazing for our scene to finally get the respect that I think it deserves."

An even more surprising performance came from the Foo Fighters and their electronic-music breakdown courtesy of scene icon deadmau5 (many female fans in the crowd could even be seen donning neon "mau5-hats") for the latter half of their hit tune "Rope."

"deadmau5 is maybe the only EDM artist I know, because we did a bunch of festivals over the summer, and for whatever reason, he would be headlining over there while we were headlining over here," Grohl told MTV News. "I guess people thought that our audiences would split, but our audiences are compatible in a way, because what he does ... rocks."

deadmau5 returned the gratitude to the Foo Fighters, telling us about their performance: "It was actually really well thought out over a month or so. Dave [and the Foo Fighters] were a natural choice for me, because I love their music."

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