Whitney Houston Was 'The Original Diva,' Fans Say

Deceased icon 'never got a chance to really come back like we thought she would,' supporter tells MTV News.

NEW YORKHollywood's outpouring of condolences and mourning for Whitney Houston, who died Saturday afternoon, has hit a string of stars as well as her legions of fans. Just hours after the tragic announcement, MTV News took to the busy streets of Times Square to see how her fans are coping with the loss of the music icon.

"We're hearing the news of Whitney Houston's death, and Whitney was the original diva of my generation," one fan said proudly. " 'I Will Always Love You' is probably her best ballad. No one can sing that song like Whitney can sing it.

"Whitney Houston, rest in peace. We love you," he added.

Houston's remarkable singing talent turned her into a worldwide phenomenon and made people take notice. "We gonna miss her. Ain't no musician like that ever going to come. We ain't ever going to see a singer like that," another supporter said of her unique skill.

Even through her troubles with substance abuse, Team Whitney remained optimistic, as one loyal fanatic confessed, "We would have never thought that she was the one to pass away, out of all people."

Calling her "one of the best voices in R&B history," another fan opened up about her early age of death saying, "It's just too bad that she had to go so early, and never got a chance to really come back like we thought she would."

"She's just such a strong woman. She's considered like an idol to so many people," one group of fans added.

With mentions of favorite Whitney ventures like her hit film "The Bodyguard," it is certain the superstar's legacy will live on for years to come as a trio of fans began singing her smash "I Will Always Love You."

Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan will pay tribute to the late icon at Sunday night's Grammy Awards.

MTV News' Sway and James Montgomery will be live from the Grammys red carpet all evening to get reactions from music's biggest stars on the death of Whitney Houston. Watch reactions and remembrances at MTV.com.

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