Taylor Swift's Finest 'First' Moments

Swift premieres her 'Hunger Games' video 'Safe & Sound' on 'MTV First: Taylor Swift' Monday (February 13), followed by an exclusive chat.

Taylor Swift will sit down with MTV News' Sway Calloway on Monday (February 13) for "MTV First: Taylor Swift," during which she will premiere her video for "Safe & Sound," followed by an exclusive 30-minute chat.

Swift isn't new at getting the "First" treatment. In May 2011, she sat down with Sway for "MTV First" to premiere her video for "The Story of Us." During their interview, Swift got personal, even sharing what she loves to do most in her hometown of Nashville, among other things.

Before Monday's latest installment of "MTV First" with Ms. Swift, MTV News is taking a look back at her finest revelations from the May 2011 episode.

What does Taylor like to do in Nashville?

"Nashville ... you want to go to Hillsboro Village 'cause it's really cute — this little bohemian shopping district. It's walking distance from my place. There's this coffee place, Fido, that I love. There's a restaurant called City House that's really cool," she said. "I love the grocery store. The grocery store's one of my favorite places."

Where's the weirdest place she's ever written a song?

"The weirdest place I have ever written a song is probably in an airport, and I got an idea so fast that I just had to run to the bathroom at the airport, grab a paper towel and write lyrics on the paper towel," she said. "I still have it. I still have it in a box in my room."

What place in time would Taylor most want to travel to if she could?

"I would want to see, probably, New York City around the turn of the century," she said. " 'Cause, you know, it looks drastically different now than how it probably looked back then, and I just think that would be really exciting."

So, how much do Sway and Swift like each other?

"That was a wonderful, wonderful experience," she said of meeting Sway for the first time in 2008 for the MTV special "Once Upon a Prom." From there, the pair relived all their greatest interview moments — including chats on red carpets for shows like the VMAs and the Grammy Awards. The gentlemanly Sway later handed her flowers. And so it seems there's no lack of love there.

Come Monday night, expect Sway and Taylor to make more memories, and you never know what interesting insider tidbits Swift will share.

"Safe & Sound" is the lead single off the "Hunger Games" soundtrack and features the Civil Wars. Following Monday's video premiere — which will also air live on MTV's channels in Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and Africa — the Grammy-nominated singer will sit down with Sway for a 30-minute interview on MTV.com. Fans of the superstar can get in on the action by submitting questions via Twitter @MTVNews with the hashtags #AskTaylor or #MTVFirst.

CMT will air "Safe & Sound" at 8 p.m. ET, the same time the music video will debut exclusively online at MTV.com, CMT.com, VH1.com and MTV's international sites. On Tuesday morning, VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" will feature the video at 10 a.m. ET/PT.

The "Hunger Games" soundtrack, which also features Arcade Fire and the Decemberists, drops March 20. The movie hits theaters on March 23.

Don't miss the premiere of Taylor Swift's "Safe & Sound" video during "MTV First: Taylor Swift" on Monday at 7:54 p.m. ET on MTV, followed by an exclusive chat with Swift about her "Hunger Games" clip on MTV.com.