Jennifer Lawrence 'Remarkable' In 'The Hunger Games'

'Once a generation, you find this kind of talent,' director Gary Ross tells MTV News of his leading lady.

"Hunger Games" director Gary Ross has provided us with some juicy details about his highly anticipated film of late, thanks to a lengthy sit-down interview with MTV News. We learned all about which scenes proved to be the most challenging for Ross and his team during filming and that there will be no Katniss voice-over provided by star Jennifer Lawrence.

And even though we won't be hearing Lawrence's narration, we'll be getting a good long look at more of her acting chops, which Ross could not praise enough when asked about the Oscar nominee's work in the film.

"She is so good, it's silly. Seriously, I just want to write her parents a thank-you letter for creating Jennifer Lawrence," Ross said. "Once a generation, you find this kind of talent."

When asked in which scenes Lawrence shines the most onscreen, Ross couldn't pick just one.

"I'm not being coy in this answer; it's really hard for me to say. The stuff she does in the tracker jacker sequence is incredible," he teased. "The stuff in the cave with Peeta, she's just remarkable in there. Obviously, from the trailer, you've seen what she does in the Reaping, the commitment, and how about the little girl Willow [Shields], who plays Prim? The commitment Jen has, the bravery, the incredible control over what she's doing, she's just remarkable."

Co-star Josh Hutcherson has echoed Ross' sentiments, along with the fact that Lawrence is just plain likeable.

"She's just a very real person, and you don't meet many actresses that are super real and down-to-earth and genuine and are extremely talented on top of all that," Hutcherson said. "She kind of has the whole thing going on, and she's an awesome person. I really hit it off with her."

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