John Legend 'Disappointed' Kanye Isn't Up For Album Of The Year Grammy

'It had hit songs and just had quality tracks all the way through,' Legend says of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

John Legend is bummed that his buddy and collaborator Kanye West isn't up for one of the biggest awards at the Grammys. The rapper and producer is the most nominated musician going into Sunday, but his work is missing from the coveted Album of the Year category.

"Well, I was rooting for Kanye and Jay-Z [Watch the Throne] to be nominated for album of the year or Kanye's album [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy] to be nominated for album of the year. So I'm a little disappointed that it's not," Legend told MTV News. "I really thought [MBDTF] was the best work that was done in popular music this year, as far as a great album that you could listen to all the way through and really enjoy. It had some hit songs and just had ... quality tracks all the way through."

That said, he's tossing his support behind critical favorite Adele. The Brit has many celebrity fans, and many of her musical colleagues are rooting for her to take home the night's top prize.

"I'm really happy for Adele. I think she's an amazing artist and she seems to be the odds-on favorite to win a lot of awards and she deserves it. And we'll see what else happens," Legend said. "It's hard to call these awards. Sometimes you think you know who's going to win, but they surprise you."

And what about West? Is he upset that his work didn't get nominated for Album of the Year?

"I don't want to speak for him," Legend said, adding, "I was upset that he didn't. I really felt like I heard a lot of music this year and this was my favorite album. I just think he made two exceptional albums that were both eligible this year. ... Maybe they canceled each other out. I wish he was up for Album of the Year."

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