'Jersey Shore' Star The Situation 'Likes To Stir Up Problems'

Castmate Deena tells MTV News she's 'annoyed' with Sitch but he's 'part of the family regardless.'

We are more than halfway through season five of "Jersey Shore," and it seems like things are just heating up on the boardwalk.

On Thursday night's episode, the housemates found themselves dealing with stalker problems, relationship problems and, of course, meatball problems. Yet it seems like their biggest dilemma is lurking right inside their house, and he goes by the name of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

"I think he just kind of likes to stir up problems," Deena told MTV News Thursday at Bounce Sporting Club in New York City.

Sitch has been on his best behavior over the course of the past few episodes, but behind the facade, it seems like the Situation is ready to cause some serious drama.

"He was being really nice to me, and then some things I was like, 'Really?' " Deena said of the Situation's behavior. "But that's Mike, he's like part of the family regardless."

In the latest episode, the Situation is looking to cause more problems for Snooki and her boyfriend Jionni, but in the process finds out from his sidekick, the Unit, that his brother, Frank, has begun hooking up with Deena's sister, Joanie.

Pretending to be excited about the potential couple, the Situation decides to stir up trouble, telling Deena's sister that his brother is much more interested in her than he actually is.

"That I was annoyed with because, like, I don't talk bad about his family," Deena said. "And I thought he was genuinely being nice to me about my sister, but clearly he wasn't."

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